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UPS Case Study

UPS is a company requiring no introduction as it is a global player in delivering logistics solutions to every known type of business on the planet.  It therefore goes without say that a company with this scale has sales processes optimised to meet market demands.


Client Needs

UPS Europe came to us with a common set of business challenges relating to the way their oganisation provided sales executives with client and prospect presentation materials.

The challenges centered around the question of how to deliver consistently brand and messaging to the market within a complex environment encompassing these three parameters:

  1. Sales executive personnel are distributed across a wide territory stretching from Western Europe to the Middle East and in to Russia.
  2. The number of sales executives is significant enough that manual presentation creation time yields a high cost and inefficient use of time by these professionals.
  3. Geographical territory covered implies a broad set of languages and hence complexity in sychronizing presentation content.

A common issue seen in many organisations from SME to large blue chip corporates is how to make the most out of the valuable content you already have in house. As soon as the number of people giving presentations rises beyond double digits, it often happens that these costly human resources find themselves editing, copy/pasting and even translating materials. By automating the presentation process and allowing each user to customise the content on a per delivery session basis, immense power is given to the presenter in the form of freedom and flexibility. At the same time, the costs incurred by using these people to edit presentation content all but vanishes and the cost savings made as a result are impressive.

Enterprise Grade PowerPoint Solution

The solution GMARK proposed and developed for UPS encompassed both content creation and a system based on Microsoft Office platform specifically through the use of Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft SharePoint services integrated within the UPS infrastructure.

The resulting platform enables UPS to automate the maintenance and distribution of highly professional presentation material in multiple languages to a vast territory and thefield operative sales personnel serving them.

Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about how GMARK can help streamline your presentation processes with enterprise grade solutions, please contact us.

Custom UPS PowerPoint ribbon
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