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 PowerPoint Add-in & Presentation Design Agency

 YOUpresent creates presentation solutions to make you jump with joy.

We EATSLEEP | BREATHE PowerPoint… so you don’t have to!

Microsoft Office Add-ins and map templates

for PowerPoint, Excel and Word


Download and install our add-ins and map templates for Microsoft Office and do things faster, easier and with a little more fun!

Powerful content authoring tools for PowerPoint : G-Tools

PowerPoint Studio Tools

Access over 30 new studio design tools from your PowerPoint ribbon to make creativity easier, faster and more fun.

PowerPoint slide show navigation add-in : ActivePrez

PowerPoint slide show navigation

Add great looking navigation to your slide shows to engage your audience.

editable vecotr icons for PowerPoint : vicons

Editable Icons for Office

Add fully editable vector icons to your slides from a family of over 600 icons.

Create circular graphics in PowerPoint : Circlify

Create Circular Graphics

Create circular graphics, illustrations and text with this creative add-in for PowerPoint.

insert fully editable vector maps into PowerPoint slides and create heatmaps : vMaps

Editable Maps for PowerPoint

Insert high quality vector maps into your slides and optionally link them to Excel data to create heat maps.

Editable maps and heatmaps in PowerPoint

Editable PowerPoint Maps

Add fully editable, named map templates into PowerPoint

Custom Add-Ins for PowerPoint ...

... Excel and Word!


PowerPoint Custom Addin possibilities

PowerPoint Custom Addin Design

PowerPoint can do some amazing things out-of-the-box.

We develop custom designed add-ins to your precise specification to make PowerPoint do even more for you.

That might be something as simple as checking that all text in a presentation is using the correct brand font or something more complex such as automating the creation of presentations or exporting your slides as images to the body of an email. Whatever you can conceive, there’s an opportunity for us to help you be better than the rest.


Presentation design in ...

... PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Articulate Storyline and more


PowerPoint presentation on iMac

Presentation Design

Presentations can be so much more than a collection of bullet points.

Beautiful design with thought provoking message will ensure that your audience takes away all you wanted to communicate.

And when the next presenter takes the stage, they’ll wish they’d gone before you because great presentations change everything.

Contact us to arrange a personal demo of our client work.


Presenter Training

speaker training to complement your presentations


Presentation comments on social smartphone

Presenter Training

A great deck maketh not a great presentation.

It’s just half the story and your reputation rests with the presenter. After all, people talk.

Our specialised presenter trainer has years of experience and thousands of trainees under his black belt of group, conference and individual executive coaching programs.

Tutorial Creation

video online, offline and as part of an e-learning package


Getting your message across without a presenter

It might seem obvious, but a presentation needs a presenter.

Without it, it’s something quite different. If it’s a video tutorial you need then we can build one that delivers everything you need your audience to learn, with or without narration, music and sound effects.

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Client Tutorial Example

Tutorial Design for Website

Presenting simple concepts effectively.

In this example, our client required a simple video tutorial highlighting the new features of their service portal.

E-Learning Design

online interactive courses designed with Articulate Storyline, including quizzes and reporting


Teach | Learn | Evaluate

We design online interactive courses to impart knowledge.


Training anytime, anywhere for everybody.


Contact us to a arrange a personal demo of one of our client projects.


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