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Free PowerPoint Stopwatch

More than ‘just’ presentations.

We all know PowerPoint for its ability to create amazing, and yes, sometimes very dull presentations.

But it can do so much more. It can be used to create videos, e-learning and even marketing collaterals such as poster and flyers.

But this article is dedicated to VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, and the power that this programming environment brings to to the PowerPoint table.

Demo time

So let’s get straight to a demo of a interesting use for PowerPoint, combining its excellent visual graphics design capabilities with a bit of VBA to make an interactive stopwatch!


You can download and use the limited trial version in PowerPoint 2013 and 2010 (it currently doesn’t work properly with PowerPoint 2007).

Depending on your PC configuration, you may be asked to accept to run macros and you should do so to enable the stopwatch (we don’t spy on customers or deliver malware, viruses etc. as per our privacy policy).

Download Stopwatch_free_version.pptm

Upgrade to full version

If you like the free version, why not buy the full version? This is what you get:

  • use the stopwatch to time events up to an hour
  • edit the stopwatch visual design
  • edit any text on the slide
  • delete anything from the slide
  • add anything to the slide
  • use the stopwatch in as many presentations as you like

Buy Now for only $49 / £29 / €35

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