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Map Templates FAQ

Map Resolution & Quality

What is the difference between buying a World map and using one country compared to buying the country separately?

The answer is related to PowerPoint shape resolution. The more points there are making up the country, the more accuracy there is and the greater it can be scaled. The downside is that file sizes are larger with more points so we do not provide the highest accuracy in the World map as the file size and the processing time to edit would be prohibitive but do with the individual country maps. For example, if we take the United Kingdom, the World map represents this country with 843 points and in the UK & Ireland map, 4309 points are used. You can see the 5x difference in quality when you zoom in or scale the map in a PowerPoint slide as we’ve shown below.

We recommend that you buy the right map according to your needs.

World Map Edition | UK represented by 843 points:

Map resolution - expanded part of Scotland from the World map edition

UK & Ireland Map Edition | UK represented by 4309 points:

Map resolution - expanded part of Scotland from the UK & Ireland map edition

Can I resize the maps without loss of quality?

Yes, but also refer to the above question on resolution & quality. Our maps are made in PowerPoint, with native PowerPoint vector shapes. Vector based shapes can be scaled to smaller and larger sizes without loss of quality (unlike bitmap/raster images and photos which get pixelated). The level of detail at the edges does however depend on the number of points in the vector shape.


Is there a user guide to help me?

Yes. This guide is delivered with all of our map products.

Can I edit the maps that I buy?

Yes. The license terms allow you to edit purchased maps which includes copying, pasting, scaling, recoloring etc.

Can I use standard PowerPoint tools such as text boxes on the maps?

Yes. Our maps are created with standard PowerPoint tools and can be manipulated and added to with PowerPoint.

Can I remove country names?

Yes. Country names are created with standard PowerPoint text boxes and may be edited and deleted or, if you have PowerPoint 2013, 2010 or 2007, may be hidden using the Select Pane (which you can also access by pressing Alt+F10 from PowerPoint 2010).

Can I zoom into specific areas for more detail (eg focusing on one continent in more detail)?

Yes. To zoom in, you can select the countries you require, group them together and then change the size of the group using Shift+mouse and dragging the corners of the group or setting the size using the dimensions or percentage controls in PowerPoint.

What the maximum amount of colours that can be used on one map?

Any country can be recoloured to any colour or style available in PowerPoint. PowerPoint supports theme colours to maintain consistency with your template but you may use any one of the 16 million colours available. You may also recolour with gradients, textures and even images and photographs. In PowerPoint 2013, 2010 and 2007 there are an extensive range of graphic styles that could be applied such as shadow, reflection, glow, 3D and more.

Can I use colours for certain countries and then add a legend to the side of the map?

Yes. You can recolour any number of countries to your precise requirements and then add a text box to create your legend.

Selecting & Visibility

How can I select and show/hide individual countries?

PowerPoint 2007 and later: select individual or multiple countries easily using the Select pane. You can turn this pane on from the Home ribbon tab, Editing group:

PowerPoint ribbon - Home | Editing arrow PowerPoint ribbon - Home | Editing | Select Pane

Once the select pane is open, you will see a list of all the objects on the slide including country shapes, country labels and more. You can then click the ‘eye’ icon to the right of each object to show/hide it. You can also make a multiple selection by holding the Ctrl key and clicking the left mouse key on multiple objects in the select pane.

PowerPoint 2003: select individual or multiple countries by clicking on them on the slide. You may need to zoom in to select some of the smaller countries. To hide them, set the fill colour for the country shape to none.

Data Importing & Automatic Formatting

Can I import data from another file such as Excel?

These maps are created with multiple PowerPoint shapes on standard PowerPoint slides. As such, there is no automated mechanism to import data on to the map but you may add any number of text boxes to the slides.

If you want an automated way to add data to maps based on geographical location (which could be country, city, address etc.) then you may want to consider using our MapPrez addin for PowerPoint.

Can I automatically format countries based on data from an external file such as Excel?

These maps are created with multiple PowerPoint shapes on standard PowerPoint slides. As such, there is no automated mechanism to use imported data to format country shapes but you may do this manually using the PowerPoint graphics tools.

If you want an automated way to format maps based on geographical location (which could be country, city, address etc.) then you may want to consider using our MapPrez addin for PowerPoint.


What version of PowerPoint are the maps compatible with?

  • PowerPoint 2013 (32 and 64 bit)
  • PowerPoint 2010 (32 and 64 bit)
  • PowerPoint 2007
  • PowerPoint 20031
  • PowerPoint Viewer
  • PowerPoint 20082 & 20112 (for the Mac)

1 Maps are delivered in .pptx format which requires the free Microsoft Compatibility Pack to be installed. Customers may request a .ppt format in cases where the compatiblity pack cannot be installed. 2 Interactivity is not currently supported by these versions. Contact us to request compatible downloads.

Why is the .ppsx format used for some downloads?

Because some of our maps are interactive, they need to be run in the PowerPoint slide show mode. By providing the maps in the .ppsx format, the file is automatically opened in the slide show mode. However, if you want to edit the map, you should run PowerPoint and then use the File / Open method to open the map. You may then re-save in any of the supported formats such as .pptx, .ppt etc.

Can I use these maps on Apple machines?

Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentation applications are available on Apple Mac machines so if you are using either of these applications then you will be able to use our maps. Note that hyperlinks are not supported on Keynote for the iPad so the interactivity is not supported on this platform.


What can I do with the maps that I purchase and are there any licensing restrictions?

End User License

YOUpresent Ltd. Grants Purchasing Customers With a License to Use This Product Under the Following Conditions.


‘Product’ is defined as the PowerPoint file containing one or more interactive or non-interactive geographical maps ‘Customers’ are individuals or individuals representing an organisation who have purchased a license ‘Sites’ are web sites where the Product may be purchased and includes GMARK,InteractivePowerPointMaps & ShareIt

License Grant

  1. Customers may provide all employees within all of their your business locations products purchased from the Sites
  2. Customers may freely edit the PowerPoint file which includes deleting objects, changing colours, rescaling and any other editing function available within PowerPoint.
  3. Customers may use the product in part or in whole within presentations that may be sent to 3rd parties, so long as you are not charging them (see Usage Rights #2).
  4. Customers may freely use the product in public places such as trade show kiosks and other multimedia displays but may not give copies of the product away in quantities greater than 10 units per day unless you credit the source as originating from in which case you may circulate an unlimited quantity.

Usage Rights

  1. The original product remains Copyright © YOUpresent Ltd., a company registered in the UK and regulated by the Laws of England.
  2. As a licensee, Customers are not permitted to resell, loan or rent the purchased products.
  3. Customers are also not permitted to transfer the usage rights of the purchased products in return for payment or free of charge to third parties.
  4. Customers are not permitted to translate, in part or in whole, the content of the product.
  5. Copies may be kept on non-public storage and you may not store the product on public Web servers.
  6. Rights include all electronic, printed and reproduction, including;
    • Presentations and hand outs with unlimited circulation
    • Use of print media such as brochures, flyers as well as illustrations
    • Storage of the services, products and templates on the intranet server and / or network

Refund Policy

What happens if I am not completely satisfied with my purchase?

We take great pride in our products and customer support.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we will do everything we can to rectify your situation.

In cases where we are not able to provide you with a resolution for a technical issue with our product, we will refund the purchase price of the product and your license to use the product will be revoked.

Because the product is a non-rescindable digital asset, we regret that we are not able to provide refunds for cases where the purchaser has decided that they do not want the product for one or more reasons other than genuine technical issues as stated above. Such reasons include but may not be limited to:

  1. I don’t need a map after all
  2. I’ve used it once and don’t need it again
  3. I don’t have the necessary skills and/or knowledge to use PowerPoint to make the most of the product
  4. The map doesn’t include elements that I need (please check our demos before purchasing to ensure the product includes what you need)
  5. My company/boss didn’t approve the purchase cost before I bought the product

Please use the Contact page to raise any issues you may have with your purchase.