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Free PowerPoint Digital Clock, Alarm & Countdown (PC only)

Add a full screen or discrete time pieces to your slide shows
Digital Clock by

Have you ever wanted to show a clock in PowerPoint?

Our free clock does just that, and it’s fully customisable to match your brand or desired style.

You can use it on a single slide, making it full screen if you like, or copy it to multiple slides and use it as a discrete time piece during a presentation.

Digital Clock (by

Style the way you want

Because the clock is 100% designed with PowerPoint shapes, you can add to it, take away from it and change the formatting of any of the elements that make up the clock. This includes, fonts, shape styles, effects and all the formatting features that PowerPoint provides.

Here are just a few examples of the infinite possibilities:

Full Screen

Digital Clock by (full screen)

Bedside Unit

Digital Clock by (bedside)

Discrete & Minimal

Digital Clock by (minimalist)

Customised Setup

When you run your slide show, you just need to click the included clock start button to configure and run the clock. You then get to set your date format, select 12 or 24 hour mode and choose if you want the time separators to flash or not:

Digital Clock by (Setup)

Alarm/Countdown Setup

You can also use the same shape elements to create an alarm or countdown timer and then setup the times and actions on completion using different start/pause/reset buttons.

Digital Clock by (Setup)

Free Versus Paid Versions

The free version allows you to use and customise the clock on any presentation* you choose but only on slides (not slide masters or layouts). The other restriction is that you must retain the credit to that appears with the clock. Details of the free license are included in the downloadable PowerPoint file below.

The full version provides all of the features without requiring you to keep the watermarks and the developer version adds access to the full source code so that you can modify the core functionality.

*This app only works on PC versions of PowerPoint.