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Is a trial version available?

Yes, there is a new extended trial mode available from version 2.56 which provides access to all maps and features.

The trial limits the number of maps that you may insert into slides and it also prevents you from copying or saving maps*. Why? Because the product contains valuable non-rescindable digital assets, we don’t¬†provide full access to saving maps so that we get paid for the hard work our development team put into creating this product. The trial allows you to add up to 5¬†maps of your choice. You may also evaluate the Heatmap creation feature with the World map (Mercator projection only).

We aspire to provide all of the necessary information needed for you to make a purchase decision on the vMaps product description pages. However, we strive to achieve 100% satisfied customers so please refer to our refund policy below.

* there is a side effect in the content protection mechanisms that we use in that you may find that non-vMaps content is not available in the clipboard in some situations. This side effect does not manifest itself in the licensed version.


What is the Refund Policy?

Should you do decide to purchase vMaps and are not happy with the product, for whatever reason, we will first try to resolve any issue you have with the product. We will do this by email and/or telephone. If we are unable to provide you with a satisfactory solution we are unable to provide a refund for the reasons stated above.