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If you’re looking at either our G-Tools or YOUtools products, you may be asking yourself “which one should I buy?”

G-Tools was our first “Design Studio” add-in for PowerPoint. We’re continuing to sell and support it for now but with Microsoft’s recent extended support for add-ins that run within PowerPoint:mac 2016 (as opposed to the new web-hosted Office add-ins), we decided to build a new product.

This new product is YOUtools and it runs on both PC and Mac* versions of PowerPoint 2016 onwards.

Over time, we will continue to transfer features from G-Tools to YOUtools that can be supported on PC or Mac or both. Some won’t make it. For example, Microsoft are stopping support for Flash and disabling it in Office 365 from May2018 so the Insert Vimeo feature that’s available in G-Tools will be recalled.

What’s better in YOUtools?

  1. It runs on PC and Mac*
  2. We’re redesigning and improving features as we transfer them from G-Tools. For example, the Guides Layout feature is now amazing!
  3. It’s cheaper than G-Tools
  4. We’ll be offering a low cost one-time license plus a subscription license which gives you access to updates

So if you see a feature in G-Tools that’s not in YOUtools, buy G-Tools. Otherwise, buy YOUtools.


*Not all features that run on YOUtools when installed on a PC are available when installed on a Mac, for example, Guide Layouts are not supported on Mac (due to Microsoft not opening up the programming interfaces we need).