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vMaps Demos

flash demos (desktop only)

vMaps Demo 1 (scroll down for demo 2)

The demo below is a video screen capture showing how to insert a number of different maps while illustrating some of the key features of vMaps such as map style, selectable shapes, named shapes, editable maps.

Slides created during this demo are:

  • World map : individual countries, colored by presentation theme
  • World map : including labels
  • World map : semi-transparent grid fill
  • Continent : Africa
  • Country : USA outline
  • Country : USA States and Flag
  • State : Texas with flag fill and labels
  • Counties : Ireland
  • Country : South Africa with flag fill

Download times may vary for this 11MB video.


vMaps Demo 2

In the tutorial below, we show you how to use the Heatmap and its two color modes.