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Presentation Training - Professional Presentations


Two days


This is a highly interactive, two-day workshop with an emphasis on fine tuning both content and delivery style.

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Each section will cover the underlying theory, followed by discussion & exercises to enable all the participants to apply the theory and begin to fine tune their presentations and delivery style. The numbers are limited to a maximum of 6 people to ensure maximum interaction and significant individual focus from the trainer.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for experienced presenters who are looking to maximise the potential of each presentation they give. Participants are likely to be senior managers or those for whom presenting is a business-critical part of their role, such as sales managers.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, your people will have:

  • Identified the most compelling way of delivering their message
  • Enhanced the flow of their presentation
  • Considered how and when to use visuals to support the message
  • Discussed how to use nervous energy to their advantage
  • Applied the ‘Broca’s Area Principle’ to their presentation opening
  • Reviewed their own performance and set ongoing areas for focus
  • Identified how to use their body language and voice to increase the power of their message
  • Practised dealing with difficult questions
  • Discussed follow-up methods to maximise buy-in


Day 1 Workshop Outline

Message Development

1. Presenting practise

  • 5 minute videoed presentations (on a pre-prepared subject) to establish baseline

2. Defining the purpose & key message

  • Why being an expert can often hinder
  • Identifying the true needs of the audience
  • Less is more

3. Writing creatively

  • How to avoid ‘Death by Powerpoint’ and engage your audience
  • Using story structures to write compelling, original presentations

4. Designing presentations that flow

  • Simple and easy ways to ensure your presentation is seamless
  • The importance of connecting messages

5. Utilising visuals

  • How to use visuals that engage and evoke thought
  • The science behind slide design and how this applies to graphical data

6. Delivering powerful openings

  • What is Broca’s area and why is it so important?
  • How to manage expectations and get your audience ‘onside’

Day 2 Workshop Outline

Professional Delivery

1. Presenting practise

  • 5 minute videoed presentations utilising day one tactics and strategies

2. Using nerves positively

  • Understanding the stress response
  • How to harness your nerves to hit peak performance

3. Engaging your audience

  • How to proactively lead your audience to ‘aha’ moments
  • Strategies to avoid ‘switch-off’

4. Owning the room

  • How to build presence effortlessly
  • Using body language and vocal tips to confidently enhance your message
  • Gaining rapport and buy-in from your audience

5. Dealing with tough questions

  • The things to look out for
  • How to turn cynics into advocates

6. Finishing on a high note

  • The importance of a strong finish
  • Getting your audience to take action

7. Presenting practise

  • Final 5 minute videoed presentations to fine tune delivery style
  • Video review
  • Trainer and peer group constructive feedback

8. Refining the message

  • How to constructively review and refine your message and technique

9. Following up

  • The importance of following up on your presentations
  • and strategies to maximise ongoing engagement


What else is included?

  • A comprehensive workbook which covers everything included on the day, meaning your people do not have to worry about making notes and can concentrate on what is being discussed.
  • A copy of all of their presentations in an HD video file. We have found that the opportunity for participants to study their own presentation has consistently been the biggest ‘eye opener‘ and is therefore of huge value.
  • Personalised feedback summary on their presentation style to give each participant some key insights into what they need to focus on going forward.
  • Post workshop email reminders of the key points that were covered, at regular intervals to maximise retention so that your people are more likely to put what they learnt into practice.
  • 12 months of email support for each and every participant, so, should they run into any specific problems or require an expert opinion, we will be on hand to provide advice and encouragement.



You can get ALL of the above for just £2950 + VAT plus expenses, which means a per person cost of ~£490, assuming you fill the workshop with 6 participants.

You also have the option for an extra £375 / €440 to secure a one-on-one telephone coaching session with the trainer for each participant. These 30 minute individual sessions will take place approximately one month following the workshop, to help your people iron out any issues and give them some further motivation and challenge to put what they learnt into practice.

And remember, we are so confident you that will be delighted by our workshop that we offer a totally risk free, no-quibble money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied by the end of the workshop, we will refund your investment in full.


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