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3D Model Interaction in a PowerPoint Slide Show

touch screen demo using VBA

New 3D Models for Microsoft Office

We love the new 3D Model capabilities that have recently arrived in Microsoft Office. And just to be clear, we’re talking about 3D Models and not 3D Effects.

3D Models are true multi-dimensional objects that can be rotated in each of the three spacial axes. They’ve arrived in the latest updates for Office 365 subscribers in PowerPoint 2016, in addition to some cool new 3D Model Transitions.

What About Slide Show?

As of writing this post, it’s not possible to interact with 3D Models in slide show mode. But is that true? We got all investigative and went under the hood to see if we could find a solution.

Add-In Possibility?

This prototype demo could be evolved into a custom add-in for PowerPoint but we think that Microsoft have put such a lot of effort into 3D so far that they are bound to build this capability into PowerPoint in a future version. Let’s see!

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