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Show audiences what they want when they want is a great presentation technique you can use to fully engage those all important folks sat in front of you.

But getting to the right slide QUICKLY isn’t always easy.

We’re working on a new version of our ActivePrez add-in for PowerPoint that will literally take hours off of the preparation of your next interactive presentation. It adds slide links, navigation links, links to custom shows and even URLs to an animated on-slide menu bar that you have complete control over the visual design.

Your next presentation performance could just be your best so far!

While our software geeks are getting it ready for you, here’s a free example of a simple deck created with ActivePrez. It includes the all important menu template slide at the end so keep it handy for when ActivePrez 2 is launched!

ActivePrez Menu Template - Glow and Emboss

Download the FREE PowerPoint file