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UPDATE 8th July 2014 : G-Tools now has it’s own product page and a new video

Here in the YOUpresent labs, our software team is busy working on a new add-in, codenamed G-Tools. In the video below, you can see a prototype of a feature that allows you to add a shape to a group.

That’s great but doesn’t PowerPoint already do that we hear you say?

Yes it does, but it doesn’t maintain the group’s name, layer or animation settings. G-Tools does! With a new tab in the PowerPoint ribbon:

G-Tools Ribbon V0.1

Watch the Add Shape to Group feature in action:

As this is a prototype it’s not ready for mass distribution yet so if you’re interested in G-Tools and would like to be a beta tester, please make sure you fulfil the following prerequisites and then contact us:

  1. You must be a power user of PowerPoint (you use it extensively, for several hours each week)
  2. You must know how to manually add and remove PowerPoint add-ins (.PPAM)
  3. You must be using PowerPoint 2013, 32 or 64 bit
  4. You agree to provide us feedback (good or bad) on the add-in