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Smart Design Studio Tools for Smart Designers

Change History 18JAN2019 10:26
– Bug fixed that caused the error “The specified value is out of range” to be displayed when clicking the YOUtools tab with presentation content transferred from Google Slides or content that did not conform to the default Notes Page setup. 15JAN2019 14:30
– Bug fixed that caused RGB color data text to be inserted in BGR order when using Insert Theme Colors
– Removed forced use of Calibri font when including color data in the Shape Fill color tool
– Changed color data information format to remove RGB parenthesis and add space between each value for easier selection 12DEC2018 13:33 & 15:41
– Added new YOUtools group to the end of the Animations tab with the first tool to set the same end point for line-based motion paths 07NOV2018 16:34
– Added support to the format painter for small-dimensioned tables
– added handling for Guides tools in non-normal views
– Removed banded rows check from low cell count Table Format Painter
– Updated DMG installer to handle non-existence of Add-Ins folder on Mac 02NOV2018 12:57
– Added size and format to Presentation / Export / Slides as Pictures feature.
– Workaround added for loss of Export Mode status which was causing ribbon to expand/contract erratically 01NOV2018 12:07
– Integrated the Text to Title and Text to Body features from G-Tools and enhanced them to support vertical placeholders and improve robustness. 30OCT2018 16:53
– Replaced MkDir with GetMacAddInFolder to workaround permissions issue on Mac when creating YOUtools support folder
– New download DMG process triggered if installed version is less than 24OCT2018 14:15
– The new ‘Layouts Assignment” tool now supports the Slide Sorter view, column sort and multi-row selection. 23OCT2018 19:10
– New ‘Layouts Assignment’ tool added in the Presentation group, combined with a drop down menu that includes the existing Insert Layouts tool (PC & Mac)
– New ‘Layout used by’ tools added to right-click menu in slide master thumbnail view (PC only) 07OCT2018 11:19
– The Export Media Files feature now renames the exported media files to append the name of the slide/layout/master that uses it (PC only) 05OCT2018 16:35
– New Export Media Files tool in Presentation group / Export (PC and Mac) 03OCT2018 16:43
– Bug fixes in Table Format Painter for shadow and reflection
– Added link to Echo’s Custom Color XML tutorial for Mac users
– Bug fixed for Table/Cell Format Painter on Mac 03OCT2018 14:22
– Table cell format painter (Pickup and Apply) added to table right-click context menu
– Enhancements to the Table Format Painter Options (Shift + Table Format Painter)
– Updated Tour
– Layer shortcuts added
– Enabled Custom Color editor on Mac (loading/saving from/to the theme remains a feature supported on PC only)
– Theme Palette Editor now supports pasting of XML custom colour definition into the Custom Color editor 02OCT2018 13:20
– The Select by Property tool is now configurable to match colors by RGB value only (regardless of theme) or RGB and theme reference.
– The Table Sort window now auto-selects the column that the cursor is in
– Fixed a bug in the Table Sort tool which caused numeric data to be sorted as text meaning 1,2,3,10,20,30 was incorrectly sorted as 1,10,2,20,3,30
– Fixed a bug in the Table Filter tool which prevented the Reset Table Filter button from working in the whole table context menu (but was ok in the Filter Table menu) 01OCT2018 13:34
– Added new Select by Property tool in the Shapes group.
– Added new Straighten Line tools in right-click context menu. 28SEP2018 14:11
– Added new color eyedropper tool (PC only) to the color picker and theme palette editor. 27SEP2018 20:03
– Added new ALT key alignment modifier for built-in PowerPoint alignment tools to allows objects to be aligned to Guides and columns defined by guides. 21SEP2018 16:00
Table Format Painter now supports:
– Different number of cells in the source and target tables.
– Options to select which elements of the table are painted (Shift + Table Format Painter) 20SEP2018 14:20
– Added Table Format Painter (splitting existing Shapes group into two groups for Shapes and Tables). The feature currently only supports tables with the same number of cells but we’re working on extending it to non-equivalent tables.
– Added Ribbon Customiser, accessed by holding the Shift key while pressing the Export Mode button on the Help group. 18SEP2018 13:46
– Fixed a bug that prevented the table filter feature from working
– Fixed a bug that caused “TBC” to appear at the bottom of the menu when right-clicking on a table 17SEP2018 10:05
– Changes to try to fix the error “PowerPoint can’t start this feature because you currently have a Visual Basic for Applications project in break mode.” when PowerPoint on PC starts.
– Fixed a bug that caused the first 4 columns in the Insert Theme Colour feature to be reversed 05SEP2018 14:13
– Added new Insert All Layouts tool 24AUG2018 15:28
– Refresh style thumbnails every time (PC only) to deal with different presentations and interim design/theme changes
– PaintFillProperties module integrated (to be used with styles in future version to support gradient and picture fills) 24AUG2018 13:08
– Handle case where no styles are available and Mac menu is empty
– Added new “Reapply Styles” menu button for Mac
– Added new Icons Explorer tool (accessed from the footer in the Shortcuts tool window) 20AUG2018 15:48
– First version of new text styles feature
– Updated help tip for Window Resize 26JUL2018 15:54
– Added double-click behaviour to the Adjustment Painter (PC only)
– Added one-time Twitter splash screen on first run
– Updated the Tour with new tools, better Mac rendering, JPG images to reduce add-in size
– Added new shortcut definitions to the Shortcut Helper tool
– Fixed a bug which prevented the Shortcut Helper tool from appearing on some locales 25JUL2018 15:01
– Added some more shortcuts for PPT 2016 PC
– Added Resize Windows feature from G-Tools (PC & Mac)
– Added Timing Pro feature from G-Tools in Transitions tab (PC & Mac)
– Added Notes tools from G-Tools (PC & Mac, except Export to Excel)
– Added Fill Slide tool from G-Tools (PC & Mac) 20JUL2018 18:13
– Prototype of Shortcuts Helper tool
– Helper dialogs added to theme color palette preview window 19JUL2018 10:46
– Added Adjustment Painter support for Mac (with modified method) 18JUL2018 20:18
– Added new UpdateISS function
– Window design tweaks to About, Ping, Activating License
– New Settings icon in Size and Position and Guides groups 18JUL2018 17:08
– New 36x36 icons for Combine Text and Split Text for improved Mac Retina rendering (16x16 on PC)
– Added shape adjustment painter tool (PC only) 15JUL2018 17:22
– Added built-in feature Tour (to be extended to include more online video tutorials)
– Added two new tools in the Text group for Combine Text & Split Text 15JUL2018 10:48
– Bug fixes for Join Shapes tool on Mac (double window open then error plus delay on close due to Shift key detection)
– Window height tweaks for Mac 13JUL2018 14:23
Changed the ribbon state machine to respond faster when typing 13JUL2018 10:32
Added Lock Aspect Ratio to Shapes group (PC only), which can be added manually to the QAT, with the following limitations:
– If the Format pane is used to change the LAR state, it isn’t reflected in this custom feature until the selection changes
– If multiple shapes are selected with differing LAR states, the checkbox reflects the state of the first shape only as ribbon checkboxes are not tri-state
Added Welcome splash screen to allow setting of automatic software updates 12JUL2018 20:29
– Bug fixes for Join Shapes tool to better handle mixed-shape type selections
– Added Convert to Freeform in right-click context menu when an auto shape is selected (PC only) 12JUL2018 16:04
Extended the shape joining tool to support non-rectangular shapes (PC only) 11JUL2018 13:47
Corrected bug in Hue calculation for new color space conversion function 11JUL2018 11:04
– Added Join Rectangle tool from G-Tools and extended to support all quadrilateral shapes in addition to rectangles
– Fixed right-click on freeform that showed label in menu as TBC 09JUL2018 16:37
Complete rewrite of RGB<->HSL color space conversions to correct HSL behaviour in color picker and color info 09JUL2018 10:56
Added custom slide numbering feature 07JUL2018 13:41
– Added ability to insert RGB color values when inserting the theme palette into a slide
– Corrected 64-bit compiler errors ‘ Corrected empty Slides group on PPT 2013 03JUN2018 17:33
Added new section context menus to enable move to beginning, end, before, after 29JUN2018 15:55
Theme Colors / Custom Colors:
– Added the ability to load custom colors from the current theme into the editor
– Partial support for multiple slide masters added with a warning about applying multi-master themes
– Fixed a bug that prevented the “Original Color” text color from being updated when clicking custom color swatches
Fixed a bug that caused the single RGB entry field to fail 27JUN2018 16:03
Theme Colors / Custom Colors:
– Fixed bug which caused the tints and shades to be copied incorrectly
– Corrected controltip text for theme swatches to remove “Double-click to reset.” reference
– Name of empty colors set to “BLANK”
– Message shown when updating theme which contains blank colors in the sequence
– Blank swatch is now activated when selected and the color changes in left window
– Added text entry of RGB/Hex colors definition 26JUN2018 16:50
– Custom Color feature exclusions added for Mac 26JUN2018 12:52
– Fixed an issue that caused the software updates window to remain open when loading the add-in manually
– Added a first beta version of the Theme Custom Colors editor (PC only) 14JUN2018 09:59
Fixed a Mac compiler bug which broke the Theme Palette editor 13JUN2018 20:52
Export to Webinar
– Added animation check profile for ON24
– Added in-window progress/report 12JUN2018 19:40
Export to Webinar
– Added the first webinar vendor profiles to the export for webinar tool
– Added embedded font warning
– Added unsafe font warning 11JUN2018 21:08
Fixed a bug that caused colour swatches in theme editor mode to get “confused” when entering colours using separate R,G,B text boxes 10JUN2018 11:03
Fixed a bug that caused the Guides Setup Column Gutter to be set to 0 07JUN2018 09:26
Theme Palette Editor:
– Added support for Slide Master view (inactive in Notes/Handout views)
– Changed theme swatch double-click action to pickup colour from selected shape/text/slide
– Fixed a bug that caused the view to change under certain conditions
Added help tip the first time Align to First is clicked 06JUN2018 09:01
– Workaround for Microsoft <box> UI bug removed now it’s fixed in latest Office 365 version of PowerPoint
– First .EXE installer for Windows 02JUN2018 12:02
– Shift key modifier added to Shape Stacking tools to set the spacing to zero 31MAY2018 13:42
Copy/Paste Size & Position
– feature duplicated from right-click to 3 new in-ribbon buttons
– support for rotated objects
– Digitally signed script for Mac
Added icons for collapsed ribbon groups 30MAY2018 19:28
– Shape stacking now supports rotated shapes and variable spacing by using the space between the first two selected shapes 30MAY2018 16:36
– Added “working on it” window for Mac update 30MAY2018 15:56
– Swap Position tool now supports rotated shapes (of any angle) for all 5 reference Anchor points 30MAY2018 13:28
– Added right-click copy/paste size & position tools
– Added right-click shape type tool
– Fixed Expert Mode bug that required the button to be pressed twice under some conditions 25MAY2018 13:01
– PC Only : Implemented a temporary workaround for a Microsoft bug with customUI <box> bug 23MAY2018 23:37
– Automated update of add-in on Mac 23MAY2018 10:17
– Updates window scale corrected and updated for Mac – Corrected license registration error on Mac 20MAY2018 12:02
– New Software updates module added (requires InstallYOUtools.scpt for Mac) 18MAY2018 14:22
– New Software updates module bug fixes 17MAY2018 20:14
– New Software updates module added 17MAY2018 11:32
– Fixed divide by zero bug in Guides form when row/col = 1 – Added ability to save and load up to 10 guide sets 16MAY2018, 22:54 Guides frame for margins set to visible 16MAY2018 19:11
Theme Color Editor
– Preview off = theme mods off
– Can now click on RGB/HSL/Transparency slider backgrounds to quickly change values 16MAY2018 15:11
Repurposed Alignment tools
– Fixed customUI bug on Mac where Pro toggle button wasn’t saving the state – Added a note in Pro toggle button screentip about speed impact
– Changed the default for Pro/Align to First from True to False
– Updated all 6 tools to support alignment of rotated shapes using new GetShapeGeometry function in new ToolsShapesGeometry module 11MAY2018 14:19
– New Check Picture Sizes feature 11MAY2018 08:00
– New MacScript command for OpenURL
– Changed Export icon (and Save as Pictures seems to be working on Mac) 10MAY2018 15:44
Export group now “Presentation” – Export Webinar completed – Export to pictures added 09MAY2018 17:41
Export Webinar modified to use form for options 09MAY2018, 13:33
Table Tools integrated (Filter KO on Mac) 08MAY2018 18:10
Color Picker
– Implemented text entry mode for full RGB, full HSL and full Hex text boxes
– Numerous bug fixes as a result 08MAY2018 08:20
Color Picker
– Fixed bugs with colour picker mode after implementing theme editor mode 07MAY2018 17:42
Color Picker
– Added double click to reset swatch 07MAY2018 15:08
Color Picker
– Added Old/New colour and extended their height
– Switched back from toggle buttons to labels for theme colours, adding highlighter (for Mac)
– Removed borders for theme insertion
– Added 2 x hyperlink colors
– Changed inches increment back from 0.25″ to 0.125″
– Fixed bug whereby Guides group hidden when no presentation open
– Added app events for PC to refresh ribbon 07MAY2018 09:07
Color Picker
– Added support for theme editing and insertion 05MAY 18:34
Colour Picker
Changed “HTML” to “Hex” and “High Performace” to “Live Preview”
Corrected shape selection bug for text fill colour mode 04MAY2018 10:43
T2O integrated
Font Color added to Color group 03MAY2018bis
– Added Display Guides to Options
– creates 3 x arrays for guide layers so each can be restored independently

Added Color Picker Pro

– Options complete, supports customisation of guides colors
– Alignment tools now support rotated shapes
– Bug fixed when shape rotated by 90/270 degrees
– Bug fixed when shape partially/fully off slide
– Cursor reset to default for eye icon

– Changed margin lock for X & Y locks
– Redesigned form layout to be more compact and added eye icon
– change inches increment from 0.125 to 0.250
– Fixed error when slide gap selected

– corrected Preview Off + OK bug = guides not added
– added checks for gutter +ve increment to prevent going beyond upper limit
– changed units combo to disallow text change
– added 4 x stack buttons but spacing to come later
– added Expert Mode in new Help group
– fixed Mac errors caused by adding the new Guides module

– Guides bug fixes
– Fixed Set Same Size & Position
– 0.00 handling for gutters and margins
– Improvement increment for different UoM : instead of 1″, 1cm, 1point the default is 9
– gutters and margins increased to 3 decimal places