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ActivePrez Upgrade FAQ

Replacement of ActivePresentation Designer with ActivePrez

If you’re an existing ActivePresentation Designer licensee, please refer to the following information regarding questions you may have relating to the withdrawal of¬†ActivePresentation Designer from the market.

What is happening to ActivePresentation Designer?

This product has been made obsolete due to increasing compatibility issues with Microsoft Office and the request for new features from customers.

Can I continue using ActivePresentation Designer?

Yes. If you are an existing licensee of the original product, you may continue to use it indefinitely. However, the following is no longer available:

  • Customer support via telephone, online, email and other forms
  • Software updates
  • New license purchases

Is ActivePrez compatible with ActivePresentation Designer

No. If you have existing presentations that had menu bars added to them using ActivePresentation Designer, they will need to be rebuilt with ActivePrez. This is due to a new system for managing menus, their links and their styles which is not backwards compatible with the former product. However, ActivePrez supports a new Import and Export feature which provides you with the ability to back up your menu tree structure.

Is there an upgrade price for existing customers?

Yes. If you are an existing licensee of ActivePresentation Designer you may purchase a reduced price upgrade to the all new ActivePrez for $79 instead of the standard $149 retail price. This limited time offer is available until 1st June 2014 after which you would need to pay to full $149 price.

How can I purchase the upgrade?

Please contact us with your original licensee name which you can find in ActivePresentation Designer ribbon by clicking Help and License.