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Template Heaven

ActivePrez introduces a brand new user friendly mechanism for creating menu bar templates. You can now use all of the standard PowerPoint design tools to create your menu template and have ActivePrez apply it across all of your slides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any downloadable templates?

Yes. We are continually adding free templates to our template library.

Can I use multiple templates within a single presentation?

Yes. You may include as many templates in your presentation as you like and ActivePrez will use the first one that it encounters. For example, if you have a deck of 50 slides and you use two templates, located at slide 51 and 52, ActivePrez will use the slide 51 template by default. If you want to use the slide 52 template, simply switch slide 51 and 52 in the PowerPoint thumbnail or slide sorter view.

What happens when I delete my template?

Firstly, if you have already applied the menu system across your presentation, this will remain untouched, as will the tree data used to create it. When you next reapply the menu bar, ActivePrez will detect that there is no template and create a new one based on the default. So it’s important to either keep your modified template in the presentation or in a separate backup file.

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What is the difference between the trial version and the full version?

You may evaluate ActivePrez in trial mode for 7 days from the time you install it, using all features of the product. In addition to the time limit, you may only process a maximum of 5 slides (but you may build larger trees), up to 10 tree rows and a watermark is placed on all processed slides. The full version removes all of these restrictions.