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Change History

IMPORTANT NOTICE : On 14th May 2018, Microsoft announced they are turning off support for Shockwave, Flash and Silverlight for all Office 365 users. This broke all versions of G-Tools from V1.97 to V2.23  Update to V2.24 which has removed the Vimeo feature or re-enable the Shockwave control using our technical article.

Version 2.24 - 16 May 2018

Build : 16MAY2018 07:59


Version 2.23 - 16 April 2018

Build : 16APR2018 14:01


  • New Feature: Beta release of Convert Table to Text tool in right-click context menu.

Version 2.22 - 04 March 2018

Build : 04MAR2018 10:21


  • New Feature: Beta release of Table Transpose tool in right-click context menu.

Version 2.21 - 20 February 2018

Build : 20FEB2018 15:27


  • Bug Fix : corrected errors when cursor placed in Notes pane or Outline view pane.
  • Bug Fix : corrected error when Status Bar Menu button clicked in slide show or Reading View.
  • Bug Fix : corrected an error that sometimes appears when QRcode inserted (PowerPoint build dependent).

Version 2.20 - 31 January 2018

Build : 31JAN2018 09:48


  • New Feature : Beta release of table Sort and Filter tools.
  • Bug Fixes : Color Picker updated to correct issues with HTML code entry.
  • Bug Fixes : Color Data updated to correct issues with HTML code entry.

Version 2.19 - 31 October 2017

Build : 31OCT2017 15:32


  • Guides Manager : fixed windowing and selection bugs and redesigned UI layout.
  • Resize Animated Shapes : new [prototype] feature to resize a multi-selection of shapes as if they were a group, without losing their animations.
  • Improved handling of presentations that cannot be edited.

Version 2.18 - 07 June 2017

Build : 07JUN2017 17:30


  • Guides Manager : added guides for centres and edges and fixed an error producing bug when changing units.
  • Export Slide Resolution : support added for PowerPoint 2016 and several new resolutions including UHD 4k & 8k (which require PowerPoint 2016)

Version 2.17 - 24 May 2017

Build : 24MAY2017 11:34


  • New Feature : Added a Slide Notes Word Count feature which reports a word count for all notes in all slides of the presentation.
  • Bug Fix : Guides Manager feature correction to prevent compiler error showing when using with PowerPoint 2010 (in which Microsoft do not support programmatic access to guides).

Version 2.16 - 20 May 2017

Build : 20MAY2017 10:16


  • Guides Manager Improvements : now supports dynamic in-window update as you change the views and selections within PowerPoint whilst the Guides Manager is open and adds better management of views and selections to prevent errors from occurring.

Version 2.15 - 18 May 2017

Build : 18MAY2017 17:11


  • New Feature : Beta release (my be buggy) of a new Guides Manager, for 2013 and above only, to bring the full power of guides to the presentation and template designer.

Version 2.14 - 29 Mar 2017

Build : 29MAR2017 18:31


  • New Feature : Copy the size and/or position of an object (e.g. shape, table, group) on one slide and paste the size and/or position or individual attributes e.g. width only, to one or more objects on other slides. Supports objects within groups. Accessed via right-click context menu.

Version 2.13 - 02 Mar 2017

Build : 02MAR2017 20:47


  • New Feature : Comments Pro. The Review tab has had the Comments group extended to add the ability to see and copy all comments from the entire presentation in one place. This is available in the Show Comments menu as Show All.
  • New Feature : Insert QR Code. QR codes are great marketing tools. Now you can add then directly from the G-Tools tab.

Version 2.12 - 17 Feb 2017

Build : 17FEB2017 18:49


  • New Feature : Transitions Timing Pro. The Transitions tab has had the Timing group extended to add details about the total slide show time when creating an auto-running slide show, e.g. for exporting to a video, so you can see the total time before starting the lengthy process to export as a video.

Version 2.10 - 08 Feb 2017

Build : 08FEB2017 15:46


  • Tweak : Shift-key option added to Same Height and Same Width features to lock the aspect ratio of the shapes being resized.
  • New Feature : 3D Sphere added to a new Insert group (which now also includes the Magnifier).
  • Tweak : modified the ribbon state machine to make the Magnifier more resilient in various views and selection states.

Version 2.09 - 07 Feb 2017

Build : 07FEB2017 13:28


  • Bug Fix : corrected invalid license check that created multiple errors if the add-in crashes.
  • Tweak : supported added for presentations opened in Protected View (e.g. from Outlook email or a downloaded file).

Version 2.08 - 27 Jan 2017

Build : 27JAN2017 16:29


  • New Feature : Arrange On Grid added to the Size and Position menu.
  • Tweak : corrected EULA hyperlink in license activation window.

Version 2.07 - 25 Jan 2017

Build : 25JAN2017 09:21


  • Bug Fix : Fixed an issue that caused an error when using the Join Rectangles tool, caused by the selection being cleared when the live preview shape was deleted.

Version 2.06 - 24 Jan 2017

Build : 24JAN2017 15:50


  • New Feature : Size and Position features are now supported when the selection comprises objects within a group.

  • New Feature : added built-in Microsoft Alignment and Distribution tools to the Size and Position menu.

  • New Feature : added Align Centre and Middle to Size and Position menu.

  • Bug Fix : corrected an issue which could prevent the trial version from working.

Version 2.05 - 17 Jan 2017

Build : 17JAN2017 16:10


  • New Feature : added the following to Size and Position:
    1. Same Width
    2. Same Height
    3. Swap Position

Version 2.04 - 05 Jan 2017

Build : 05JAN2017 18:17


  • New Feature : for the Text-To-Outline feature, support added for placeholders and added an option to hide the original shapes after conversion.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Text-To-Outline feature working across a full presentation when no shape(s) selected.
  • Fixed several bugs which caused an error to be displayed with PowerPoint 2010 and 2007 when right clicking on a slide.

Version 2.03 - 13 Oct 2016

Build : 13OCT2016 09:25


  • New Feature : Join Rectangles provides a way to create an irregular shape between selected sides of two rectangles. This is useful when creating 3D illustrations such as infographics.
  • New Feature : Previously G-Tools always automatically checked for updates when PowerPoint started. There is now a new Auto Check option to disable this in the Help group of the G-Tools ribbon tab. This replaces the manual mechanism introduced in V2.02 which is no longer used.
  • Tweak : windows now open in the centre of the main PowerPoint window. Useful when using a multi-display setup.

Version 2.02 - 26 Sep 2016

Build : 26SEP2016 10:39


  • Added the ability to manually disable the automatic software update check by adding the following value to the Windows Registry:
    • HKCU\SOFTWARE\VB and VBA Program Settings\G-Tools\Preferences
    • String Value : Auto Check Updates
    • Data : False
  • Corrected a bug which prevented the Notes Export feature from working.

Version 2.01 - 01 Feb 2016

Build : 01FEB2016 13:34


  • Updated installer with new SHA-256 digital code signing certificate in compliance with Microsoft change to cease trusting Code Signing Certificates using SHA-1 from 01 January 2016. Note that because this certificate is extremely new (issued on 29th January 2016), Windows SmartScreen may warn you about the download until such time that our new certificate has generated the required reputation for Microsoft to add the certificate to their database. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Version 2.00 - 28 Jan 2016

Build : 28JAN2016 09:33


  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when right clicking with multiple shapes selected.
  • Updated installer info to declare compatibility with Windows 10 and PowerPoint 2016 (PC).

Version 1.99 - 08 Jan 2016

Build : 08JAN2016 11:37


  • Fixed a data type mismatch bug that caused an error to be shown in trial mode when the About window loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that may prevent the auto update feature from working correctly.

Version 1.98 - 20 Nov 2015

Build : 20NOV2015 10:22


  • Added new right-click context sensitive menu to show shape type properties for selected shape (useful for checking placeholder types on slide masters for example)
  • Added new Sub Title check box to the Master Layout group in Slide Master view

Version 1.97 - 09 July 2015

Build : 09JUL2015 18:46


  • Added new Insert Vimeo Video feature.
  • Changed all license server, update server, support server URLs to

Version 1.96 - 17 March 2015

Build : 17MAR2015 10:24


  • Changed the installation location from C:\Program Files(x86) to %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Addins to support non-administrator user installation.

Version 1.95 - 27 February 2015

Build : 27FEB2015 15:04


  • Fixed a bug that caused a run-time error 13 (Type mismatch) to be displayed when the add-in loaded on certain non-English locale PCs, preventing the add-in from appearing in the PowerPoint ribbon.

Version 1.94 - 06 February 2015

Build : 06FEB2015 13:29


  • Adds the PowerPoint sharpen filter to the Magnifier tool plus an image resolution check to alleviate customer feedback that magnified images may appear blurred. A new support article is also available explaining how to get the most out of the magnifier tool.

Version 1.93 - 29 January 2015

Build : 29JAN2015 12:25


  • Changed the way messages are displayed when G-Tools automatically checks for updates after PowerPoint starts and fails to find the server (e.g. when an Internet connection is not available of the server is offline) eliminating the need for users to click buttons to clear dialogue messages..

Version 1.92 - 28 January 2015

Build : 28JAN2015 12:12


  • Fixed several issues with various ribbon buttons not being set correctly in slide sorter view.

Version 1.91 - 16 January 2015

Build : 16JAN2015 16:33


  • Bug fixes for the new Export to Outlook feature that prevented user settings from being adhered to.

Version 1.9 - 16 January 2015

Build : 16JAN2015 12:07


  • Added new Export to Outlook feature which creates a customisable and interactive email using slides from your presentation.

Version 1.84 - 11 December 2014

Build : 11DEC2014 10:51


  • Support for custom slide background fills added to the Export Slides feature (supports : Solid, Gradient, Picture, Pattern but not Texture)

Version 1.83 - 08 December 2014

Build : 08DEC2014 10:51


  • Fixed the File Save As issue for Popups macro-enabled dependency
  • Updated Popups feature with new Config options

Version 1.82 - 03 December 2014

Build : 03DEC2014


  • Added prototype of new Popups feature (similar to the original ActivePresentation Designer feature)

Version 1.81 - 03 December 2014

Build : 03DEC2014 16:45


  • Fixed issues with Custom Layouts and slide size with the Export Slides feature

Version 1.8 - 27 November 2014

Build : 27NOV2014 10:51


  • Changes to Magnifier feature:
    • Hidden magnifiers are not processed when refreshing
    • Magnifying glasses can now be rotated and refreshed whilst maintaining the correctly oriented magnified image
    • Corrected an issue that prevented magnifier refresh when partially covering a picture and partially overlapping the edge of a slide
    • Disabled the magnifier in any view other than Normal / Slide
  • Corrected a bug that caused an error to trigger when using the Theme Colors feature in slide sorter view

Version 1.77 - 26 November 2014

Build : 26NOV2014 15:18


  • Added new Magnifier feature

Version 1.76 - 19 November 2014

Build : 19NOV2014 14:49


  • Fixed a bug that caused an error to be generated when selecting any text object in any of the three master views (Slide, Handout, Notes)

Version 1.75 - 07 November 2014

Build : 07NOV2014 16:59


  • Stack Shapes now supports text boxes
  • Corrected a PowerPoint crash bug that occurred with the Color Palette tool
  • Added 144DPI as the HD 1080P (1920x1080) preset for Export Picture Size (need more work for multiple system configs)
  • Export Size remains available when in slide sorter mode
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Shape Right and Shape Below from working as expected when shapes had different sizes
  • Check Software Updates is enabled (checks when PowerPoint starts) until an option is added for the user to enable/disable it
  • Added URL for ribbon Help button
  • Updated URL for Buy Now button in About form
  • Updated URL for EULA in About Form
  • Numerous behind-the-scenes changes

Version 1.74 - 04 November 2014

Build : 04NOV2014 14:40

New Features

  • Stack Shapes now supports all four directions
  • Save as Picture now supports percentage dimensions


  • Changed Shape Size and Shape Position features to reference the first selected object to be consistent with Shape Stacking
  • Modified Create Palette to support no user selection (uses Accent 1 as the Master colour if no valid selection exists)
  • Fixed a bug that caused G-Tools to crash (and display an error) when clicking in the Notes pane of the Normal view
  • Disabled Adjustment Painter when text within a shape is selected (the object itself must be selected)
  • Adjustment Painter button disabled unless selected shape has one or more adjustment handles
  • Fixed a bug that caused the G-Tools ribbon refresh to fail (and display an error) when the last presentation is closed
  • Added a debug Refresh feature to the Help group to try to track down a 64 bit PowerPoint anomaly with app events

Version 1.73 - 24 October 2014

Build : 24OCT2014 16:29

New Features

  • Added Get Background feature to Slides group


  • Added ribbon icons to new features

Version 1.72 - 23 October 2014

Build : 23OCT2014 22:20

New Features

  • Added Theme Colors creation tools in Color group


  • The color picker for Shape Fill and Shape Outline now picks up the colour of the first selected object, or defaults to the last selected color if nothing is selected
  • Fixed several bugs with the Save as Picture folder selection operation
  • Save as Picture now support multiple objects in the selection

Version 1.71 - 23 October 2014

Build : 23OCT2014 15:03

New Features

  • Added Export Size in Slides group (not working for 64 bit PowerPoint yet)
  • Added prototype of Save as Picture in Shapes group


  • Ribbon is now automatically refreshed after Notes / Delete All
  • Combine Text now disabled when single shape selected
  • Fixed Create Wheel availability when nothing selected
  • Shape Fill, Shape Outline, Insert Color Data are now available when the text frame is selected within a shape
  • Fixed the Shape Fill and Shape Outline colour cancel

Version 1.7 - 21 October 2014

Build : 21OCT2014 16:59

New Features

  • Added Combine Text feature
  • Added support for 64 bit versions of PowerPoint 2013 and 2010
  • For Adjustment Painter, added extended mode shape adjustment matching for rectangles (checks non-zero radii and snips for rectangles of different types)


  • Modified the Adjustment Painter ‘maximum reached’ check to instead for src/dest adjustments equality after modifying
  • Introduced extended ribbon logic to enable/disable controls depending on what the user has selected
  • Moved Fill Slide and Split Picture to renamed Shapes and Pictures group
  • Changed Shape Fill & Color to work on multiple shape selections
  • Numerous other bug fixes

Version 1.61 - 20 October 2014

Build : 20OCT2014 17:29

New Features

  • Extended Adjustment Painter feature to compare radii and snips of different types of the 9 available rectangles
  • Extended Adjustment Painter feature to work with pictures cropped to shapes


  • Fixed several bugs in the Adjustment Painter feature (sticky shape pickup, mouse cursor and toggle button logic, user feedback messages etc.)
  • Disable various ribbon controls under specific conditions

Version 1.6 - 20 October 2014

Build : 20OCT2014 12:29

New Features

  • Added Adjustment Painter feature : paste the radius, snip or other adjustments from a selected shape to one or more other shapes on your slide
  • Added Duplicate shape feature : provides a way to create a user-defined number of multiple copies of a selected shape across your slide in a grid


  • Manage a specific case for the Text to Title and Text to Body features whereby the text was deleted when selecting an existing placeholder.

Version 1.5 - 17 October 2014

Build : 17OCT2014 16:43

New Features

  • Added Extract Slides to file feature


  • Convert Color now picks up the fill color from a shape if selected
  • Convert Color is now fully implemented, including HSL (note: there is a known bug that causes the Hex value to be less than 6 characters for some colors)

Version 1.4 - 16 October 2014

Build : 16OCT2014 16:44

New Features

  • Added Text to Title and Text to Body features

Version 1.3 - 16 October 2014

Build : 16OCT2014 13:00

New Features

  • Added new Slides group with the following features:
    • Notes : export to Text, Excel, Word or Delete
    • Fill Slide
    • Delete Hidden
  • Added the following features to the Shapes group:
    • Shape Fill which uses G-Tools colour picker
    • Shape Outline which uses G-Tools colour picker
  • Added prototype of Convert Color in Color group (HSL not implemented)

Version 1.2 - 15 September 2014

Build : 15SEP2014 17:34

New Features

  • Added Split Picture feature

Version 1.1 - 04 September 2014

Build : 04SEP2014 13:28

New Features

  • Added Set Chart Text Color feature

Version 1.0 - 09 July 2014

Build : 09JUL2014 14:46

First release